• Somerset Papers (Textured)

Somerset Papers (Textured)

The Somerset Papers are world leading traditional printmaking papers, mould made from 100% cotton to the highest of archival standards. Cotton is not only archival, when damp it is also flexible, malleable and conforms readily to the surface of the printing plate, allowing the ink to pass to the paper, making it a fine choice for printing paper. The surface has an elegant, soft texture and is strong and stable enough to ensure excellent colour printing. The paper remains flat after printing and offers durability and long life to finished editions of work.

The surface of the Somerset Textured range is the most textured of the Somerset range and while also being suited to most printmaking methods it is not recommended fro Block and Relief printing. The textured surface is also good for use with gouache, charcoal and pastel.

  • Size: 56x76cm, 76x112cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Weight: 300gsm  
  • Deckles: 4
  • Sizing: internally sized
  • Use: Suitable for all forms of printing as well as drawing, letterpress and embossing

The Somerset Textured Paper is available in White, Soft White and Cream (not pictured) tones.

All materials are screened in the mill to ensure minimal environmental effect. No hazardous chemicals are released into the water ways. Pulps are sourced from sustainable sources (no rainforests are harmed in making the papers), and the cotton linters are a by-product from the textile industry. It's acid-free and age-resistant, so your art will look just as stunning decades from now.


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