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Sennelier Isolating Varnish 60ml

Creates an insulating film between two coats of paint. Because it cannot be reversed using solvents which allow layers of varnish applied over the top to be removed, this varnish is very popular among restorers since it enables them to return to the previous layer in the event of a mistake. Use with great care.Intermediate varnish used to isolate oil based paint layers. Particularly useful for the double varnishing technique. Only apply to fully dried paintlayers (minimum 6 months). Reduces the risk of sinkage, and allows repainting by isolating the previous coats. May be over-coated with any final painting varnish without risk of distempering the paint coats. 40% solids content. Gives a clear, gloss film.

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Leading Fine Art Materials Since 1887.

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An Unrivalled History in Fine Art:

Sennelier are one of the worlds oldest fine art materials producers. Sennelier have been producing high quality art materials since 1887 in Paris, France, just steps away from Lourve.

Famous for its hand selected pigments and outstanding quality, the extensive fine art ranges include acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolour, gouache, oil sticks, soft pastels, tempera paints, varnishes & mediums and many more fine art materials and artists supplies. Many of the worlds most well known artists have relied on Sennelier to produce some of our the world’s favourite art works. Sennelier is an unrivalled quality of art materials for over 130 years.

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