• Hydrotex Retarder

Hydrotex Retarder

Is designed to slow the drying process of the Ink.This helps slow the drying of the Hydrotech product on the screen, thereby no clogging of the screen occurs. Printing retarder enables easier release of the screen from the print during the printing process.

Benefits: It allows easier method of printing as it slows the drying of the product on the screen, therefore allowing extra working time and saving screens from clogging. Printing Retarder also benefits the user as it allows easier release of the screen from the print.

Curing: Printing Retarder helps in slowing the drying time slightly when wet prints are placed into oven or tunnel dryers. In these instances, it may benecessary to increase the time and temperature cycle in order to dry the print thoroughly.The extraamount of time required to dry the print will depend upon the amount of Printing Retarder added to the Hydrotech Print Paste or Fabric Colour, Usually,adding an extra 10-20% to the time will suffice in drying (curing) the wet print. Dry prints may need no extra time for curing the print; however, they will require extra time to become touch-dry,

Additions: It is normally added in amounts up to 3% (ie up to 30ml per litre of Ink ) of the total voiume of the product.Due to varying temperatures and conditions it is difficult to predict the actual amount of Printing Retarder required. If the temperature is high,humidity low and high flow of air in the printing environment, then an extra amount of Printing Retarder required.

Important: Before a print run, a test experiment is recommended in order to test for adhesion, wash, dry-clean and rub resistance,

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