• Green Apple BUCKRAM Bookcloth
  • Buckram Book Cloth
  • BlackBUCKRAMBookCloth
  • ChocolateBUCKRAMBookcloth
  • DarkGreenBUCKRAMBookcloth
  • Firetruck Red BUCKRAM Bookcloth
  • Gunmetal BUCKRAM Bookcloth
  • Midnight in Paris BUCKRAM BookCloth
  • Light Grey BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Purple Rain BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Royal Blue BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • St Custards BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Tan BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Teal BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Turquoise BUCKRAM Book Cloth
  • Buckram Book Cloth

Buckram Book Cloth

Arbelave Buckram is our most popular cloth selection, lauded as the premier binding buckram used in all kinds of Australasian institutions - legal, universities, schools and more!

Its tough, smear-resistant acrylic surface can be foil blocked, blind embossed and screen printed, making it a ideal for many 

Buckram Book Cloth is cut from a 109cm wide roll. (Chamois Black is 105cm)

*Book Cloth is sold in 1/2 metres. If you would like multiple quantities please note that we will ship in 1/2 metre pieces, if you need large pieces uncut please contact us to organise. 

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