• Arteina Burnishers
  • Arteina Burnishers
  • Arteina Burnishers
  • Arteina Burnishers
  • Arteina Burnishers

Arteina Burnishers

Arteina's range of burnishers each feature a 12mm handle with steel tips tempered and polished by hand. These burnishers are used to burnish (or flatten) out areas of a plate 

Ball 1: With a small round tip the 3mm ball burnisher is used to smooth out, polish or restore small sections of a metal printmaking plate. It can also be used with a ruler to score sections of paper, to assist in tearing larger sheets down. In this situation, a bone folder would be an ideal companion for this tool.

Ball 2: The larger ball burnisher has a 7mm round tip, the curved ball allowing for the focus to be on burnishing out fine details and edges.

Fine Curved: a curved burnisher head that tapers into a fine point. 

Thick Curved: a wider curved burnisher head, that has a more rounded head before the point.

If you wanted to flatten out an extensive area you might choose to use a straight burnisher instead!


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