• Stonehenge Papers (White)

Stonehenge Papers (White)

Stonehenge Paper is ideal for etching, lithography, silk screening, lino and woodcuts. Made from 100% cotton and is pH neutral. This paper has been sized and features two deckle edges. It is suitable for printing inks as well as acrylic paint and gouache. Stonehenge Paper also provides a beautiful surface for drawings in pastel, charcoal, pencil and crayon.

Stonehenge is in particular an excellent silkscreen paper with its ability to take as many as 50-75 colours, printed one colour at a time, and maintain perfect colour registration as a result of its incredible dimensional stability. 

The Stonehenge Papers are availabile in White in both a 250gsm and 320gsm paper weight. 

  • Size: 56 x 76cm 
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 250gsm 
  • Deckles: 2
  • Use: Suited for all printing methods (particularly silkscreen), pen, ink, pecil and pastel drawing as well as light watercolours.


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