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Fabriano Unica Pads

Fabriano Unica is a paper made of 50% cotton and 50% alpha cellulose fibres and it is ideal for all printmaking techniques. Moreover, thanks to its softness and flexibility it is perfect for dry techniques as well, making it a particularly enjoyable choice for the use of drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal and pencil.

The Fabriano Unica pads (available in A4 or A3) have their own attractive benefits. They are *extremely* convenient for a quick print - no need to be torn down! Registration is a breeze when you are editioning in these sizes too - seriously, it would be hard to get things off register with these standardized sizes. The pads can be packed away in a backpack, perfect for the printmaker travelling to a print workshop.

Fabriano Unica is also available in single sheets. Please look in our Printmaking Paper section for more information.
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