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Woven Swanskin Press Blanket


Woven press blankets are very durable and smooth, they are ideal for printmakers who produce etchings with very fine detail. These can be used in conjunction with pressed wool blankets by placing one thin woven blanket closest to the plate.

1.5mm - Referred to as the Size Catcher or Fronting blanket this blanket goes next to the paper, It has the tightest weave to give you a smooth print as well as "catching" the size (glue) from the paper. As this is the blanket that will get damp when printing it is best to hang dry before storing.

2.5mm - The Cushion Blanket, this blanket adds cushioning for the plate while still allowing for sufficient pressure when printing. The cushioning provided helps the plate last longer for larger editions. Its wider weave can transfer to the paper if using on its own so a thinner (catcher) blanket is recommended to sit between this blanket and the paper.

3mm - The Pusher Blanket, this blanket would traditionally go next to the roller. It is a hard wearing blanket being the thickest option with the widest weave. Can be used in conjunction with a Catcher and Cushion blanket or as a great option when using thick collagraph plates.

*Please note that these blankets may differ by +/- 10% in size. 

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