• Awagamai Tengucho 9gsm

Tengucho 9 gsm

Soft type of Kozo paper for book covering and conservation.

Classic super thin (yet extremely strong) washi 'tissues'. 100% Kozo fiber Tenguchos are primarily used in art conservation & restoration for mending torn paper and backing antique documents, textiles, etc.

They can also be used as a lovely overlay for invitations and artwork presentation. Artists have also found unique ways to use these ethereal papers as well.

Size: 97cm x 20m
Weight: 9gsm
Deckled Edges: 0
Material: Kozo
pH: 6
Use: Conservation and restoration.

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Awagami Factory

Awagami papers are made in Japan by the Fujimori family who have been making paper for 8 generations. Awagami make papers with natural fibers to yield sheets with an expressive surface and impressive character. Awagami papers are acid-free, made with respect and care for the environment and suitable for professional artists & students alike.