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Raphael 1872 Kolinsky Gold Red Sable Flat

Bright (short flat) oil brush of Kolinsky Sable fibre, perfect for painting small areas and for producing more visible strokes. The shape and hair are suited to gently modifying colours to bring bright tints.

Raphael's Kolinsky Gold range of brushes are made of premium extra fine sable. Its fur has incomparable spring and elasticity. With its single flag, this tawny golden red fibre is ideal for fine, precise work. With its elegant design, the Kolinsky Gold is considered to be the brush of excellence and is known as the Rolls Royce of brushes. 

Seamless golden ferrule, long black varnished handle.


Raphael is the oldest fine art brush manufacturer in Europe, producing premium quality brushes since 1793. Following the time honoured tradition of master and apprentice each brush is hand made by Raphael's highly skilled brushmakers. Hairs and bristles are hand sorted to ensure quality; handles and ferrules carefully selected for their solidity and durability. Every brush made is produced to the highest calibre and always with the artist in mind.

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