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Lawrence Oil Based Relief/Letterpress Inks 75ml

The Lawrence Oil based (linseed) relief inks are one of our most popular ranges; the formulas used to create them have been in use for hundreds of years. 

They dry through absorption into the paper and by exposure to air. You will need to use white spirit to clean these up. 

You can also use these inks on fabric and iron-fix them on the back to set your print. Suitable for printing lino, wood cut, wood engraving and monotypes. 

You can clean these up with white spirit, or alternatively, vegetable oil.

The Lawrence inks are (to the best of their knowledge) free from animal-based or derived ingredients, they are made with linseed oil and do not use honey or gelatine, the pigments in this range are either synthetically produced organic colours or processed from mineral sources and are not derived from animal by-products such as charred bones. No animal testing is performed at the factory but they do get ingredients from other suppliers and they can't guarantee somewhere down the line this has not been the case however every effort is made to use suppliers of good reputation.

This selection of inks are available in 75ml tubes, with the two letterpress options in a 150ml tube only. 

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