• Langridge Distilled Gum Turpentine

Langridge Distilled Gum Turpentine

Made in the traditional manner by steam distillation of sap tapped from the Pinus merkusii tree. This is the time-honoured method that has been used for hundreds of years and is the Gum Turpentine referred to in artist’s technical texts. Natural dilutent and solvent for oil colours and varnishes. Greater wetting power than other artists’ solvents. It improves the flow of oil colors and evaporates readily. Has a pleasant pine odour. Contains over 86% terpinenes (alpha-pinene and beta-pinene). Completely anhydrous (water-free). Distilled Gum Turpentine is produced differently to Sulfate or Wood Turpentine made by industrial ‘destructive distillation’, obtained by extraction from chips of dead pine wood left over from the kraft paper manufacturing industry. Turpentine made by destructive distillation has lower concentrations of terpinenes and also contain impurities that require additional treatment measures to remove traces of sulfur compounds.

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