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Awagami Sawdust Postcard (Set of 10)

Thick handmade cards suitable for many types of fine art, crafts and printing. Made in the "Tamezuki" method, an East-meets-West style of paper-making that allows for thicker sheets to be made. These cards have small bits of sawdust, or "wood bits'", mixed throughout each sheet. These cards use recycled wood shavings saved from a neighbouring carpenter to the Awagami Papermill, subtly mixed into the pulp producing beautiful paper with organic deckle edges. 

Set of 10 sheets, 10x15cm in size. 200gsm.

Awagami postcards are also available in onion and tea papers

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Awagami Factory

Awagami papers are made in Japan by the Fujimori family who have been making paper for 8 generations. Awagami make papers with natural fibers to yield sheets with an expressive surface and impressive character. Awagami papers are acid-free, made with respect and care for the environment and suitable for professional artists & students alike.