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  • Akua Liquid Pigment Monotype Inks - Melbourne Etching Supplies

Akua Liquid Pigment Monotype Inks

Akua Liquid Pigment is available in a range of very strong, densely pigmented, light fast colours with no fillers, driers or suspending agents. The colours are transparent, making them ideal for layering, and their rich consistency makes them an excellent choice for all monotype techniques.

The ball nib allows for easy drawing, or the inks can be painted on the plate with a brush. These inks stay wet on the plate for a long time, allowing artists many hours to create and work on an image. Akua Liquid Pigment can also be modified to use as ink for relief and intaglio printing, and the pigments can be mixed with Akua Intaglio Inks to create unique, vibrant colours. Excellent for Monotype brushwork. Ideal for tinting Akua Intaglio & Speedball Screen Printing Inks. Water-soluble.

Available in a range of densely pigmented colours. With no added fillers or driers. Ideal for multi-layer printing. Prints best on dry paper and cleans up easily with soap and water. Modify these Akua Liquid Pigment Inks using Tack Thickener.

Available in 4 oz bottles with twist tops.

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