• HWAHONG Soft Rollers

HWAHONG Soft Rollers

The HWAHONG Soft Rubber Rollers are made in South Korea, and are an excellent choice for relief printing and for various intaglio roll up methods. Designed to give a more luscious ink coverage than a hard rubber roller, it is particularly forgiving on uneven surfaces.

The soft rubber is resistant to the use of solvents- an advantageous characteristic, though we at M.E.S will always recommend non-toxic materials where we can use them! We recommend cleaning the roller with vegetable oil, or with a non-toxic cleaning product such as Eco Light.

The HWAHONG Soft Rollers have been constructed robustly, with an aluminium roller core, brackets and an ergonomic wooden handle.

The HWAHONG Soft Rollers are a flat-lay design, they can be turned over when wet/inky with the flat back a acting as a stand. The design of the flat back bar also allows the roller to be hung on a pegboard, or something of the like, for a tidy and clean workspace.

These rollers are available in a variety of sizes from 10mm up to 300mm.

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