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Matisse Fabric Fixative 250ml

Matisse Fabric Fixative allows you to paint on fabric without the need to buy a whole range of fabric paints. Matisse Fabric Fixative can be mixed with Matisse Colours to become permanent on T-shirts or most other garments after heat fixing.


Mix equal parts of Fabric Fixative and Matisse Flow Formula Acrylic, then paint and let dry before you heat-set with an iron to become wash-fast.

Heat-set by ironing on the reverse side of the painted area or put a tea towel over the painted area and heat-set with an iron.

Do not allow the iron to make contact with the paint. Suggested Heat Fix Times:

  • Cotton, calico, linen, rayon : 4-5 minutes at 140°C - 180°C
  • Synthetics, nylon, polyester, tetron, acrylic : 5-8 minutes at 115°C - 130°C

Some synthetic fabrics are non-absorbent and thus not suited for paint application. It is possible to thin the paint with water and achieve stain effects or delicate watercolour brushouts. Test your fabric choice beforehand.

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