• Leonard Black Brush Pouches

Leonard Black Brush Pouches

Leonard have handcrafted exquisite brushes in France since 1779 at the renowned Maison Chorion & Samuel, a pioneering brush-making workshop in the West, originally formed in Paris.

These Leonard soft carrying cases hold either 9, 11 or 15 brushes in various sizes. Elegantly rolls up on itself for easy transport, with a small stringto allow you to seal it  so that your brushes do not fall out.

Ideal for protecting, storing and transporting your brushes.


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Leonard Brushes

The first Léonard brush company was established in Saint-Brieuc in 1866 and since then, seven generations have followed one another.

The Léonard brand is renowned because it is the result of a manual assembly of the finest materials, from brush head to handle.

Each brush passes into the expert hands of Leonard's brush makers. Their Pincelières have acquired unequaled technique and precision in manufacturing their brushes. The transfer of knowledge and awareness through generations allows them to maintain this level of excellence and quality.
Leonard produce a wide range of watercolor, acrylic, oil painting and even creative hobby brushes.