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Raphael 867 Kevrin+ Mongoose Fine Oil Brush

Kevrin+ is the result of two years of research and development: Raphael has used its innovative ability to produce a brand-new mix of fibres that imitate Mongoose. This fibre is very popular for its versatility and ideal balance between resistance and finesse. This mix combines the advantages of fine natural fibres with Raphael’s very latest synthetic fibre discoveries. 

These brushes offer exceptional durability, precision and elasticity to provide the perfect mongoose substitute. Similar resistance to fine hog bristle, comparable precision and elasticity to sable. Often associated with fine oil painting where soft subtle brushstrokes and blending are required

Brush Head: Round 

Fibre: Mongoose imitation (mix of synthetic and natural fibre)

Use: For fine details and contours

Handle: Seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule, long black varnished handle, beige tip.

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Raphael Brushes

Founded in Paris in 1793 and owned and operated by the Sauer family since 1859.

Founded in Paris in 1793 and owned and operated by the Sauer family since 1859, Raphaël is the oldest fine art brush maker in Europe. Following the time honored tradition of master and apprentice, the highly skilled craftswomen of Raphaël must train for years before they are ready to produce a Raphaël brush.

The finest hairs and bristles are imported from all over the world and hand sorted to ensure the highest quality. Every brush made by Raphaël is made with the artist in mind.