• Hereford Book and Printmaking 145gsm 56x76cm

Hereford Book and Printmaking 145gsm 56x76cm

The Hereford Book & Printmaking Paper is a machine-made paper which is part rag. Internally sized and acid free, each sheet has 4 cut edges and is 56x76cm (22" x 30"). It is a classic white colour and has a very smooth and un-textured surface. There is no watermark.


  • Designed specifically for relief printing, has shown excellent results with hand-baren use and burnishing.
  • A great choice for monotype and intaglio methods, especially if you are making an artist book.
  • We recommend lightly misting the paper with water, rather than soaking, prior to printing for monotype and intaglio methods. 


  • This paper has great handling and folding characteristics.
  • Tears down smoothly with assistance of a bone folder, and with or without ruler registration.
  • It is a very pleasant paper to bind, and has a similar feeling to Zerkall 145gsm Wove when bound into a book block.


  • This paper has a beautiful surface for drawing with graphite, pencils and fine pens. We have yet to test it with calligraphy nibs/pens and inks but imagine it would be good for fine line work!
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