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The Kanga Press A3

The Kanga Press is a portable, hand-levered prining press in an A3 size. 
Made with a steel frame, the press has a timber handle and two thick wooden press bed plates. 

The A3 Kanga Press has a plate bed size of 35 x 50cm. It weighs 15kg.

The Kanga Presses are made in Australia!

How to use the Kanga Press:
Before you begin printing with The Kanga, practice lifting and lowering the handle so that you have a good feel of its weight and movement. Make sure your press is on a flat, non slip surface. Bring the handle straight up and open. Ink your lino mat well. A thick layer of ink is best, or you will get a ghost print, BUT too much ink will move into your carved lines and smudge so find the right balance!

Place protective paper with registration marks down first. Then your inked carving. Then your lovely print paper. Watch out for inky fingers! Next your felt mat. Bring the top plate down flat by holding the handle straight up at a 90◦ angle while you lower the top plate. Lowering your top plate at an angle will move your carefully positioned work. So carefully and slowly lower the plate straight down and rest. Now bring your handle down and press firmly a few times.

Lift the handle vertically, straight up, and open. Take your felt sheet away. If you feel you need some extra pressing, lightly use your baren in a circular motion especially around the edges. Otherwise, gently peel the paper off your carving to reveal your masterpiece!


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