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An excellent way to start out. There are two kits. One for fabric printing and the other for printing onto paper. Both kits offer everything you need to start screenprinting.
Speedball Screenprint Kits
S207.72 Paper Kit. Everything you need to design and print your own art prints, posters, greeting cards, invitations, signs & announcements. Inside screen measurement 40 x 25cm. Soap and water cleanup, non toxic inks. $ 0.00


S207.71 Fabric Kit. Everything you need to print on fabric. Woodframe inside measurement 40 x 25cm, 9inch Squeeqee, Screen fabric inks in black, red & yellow, Drawing Fluid, Screen Emulsion, Sensitiser & Instruction Booklet. Non toxic inks, soap and water cleanup. Permanent and Washable when heat set with iron. $ 0.00
S207.73 Speedball Screenprinting Tool Kit Set.
Starting tools for Fabric Printing, screen frame, plastic squeegee, screen filler, drawing fluid, Diazo Photo Emulsion, Diazo Emulsion Remover, Diazo Sensitiser, 6 round brush and instruction booklet.
$ 108.42